Crux Galerie has been operating since 2017. It is a private owned apartment located in a building dated back in 1951 (an example of modern Greek architecture) at 4 Sekeri St. The neighborhood belongs to the Kolonaki area, literally Little Column, which is an upscale neighborhood in the center of Athens.

The gallery takes as inspiration the salons, which served as cultural hubs, during the revolutionary France to the interwar years, giving a definitive role in cultural development: freedom of expression, the exchange of viewpoints, comparisons and an aesthetic of the private with a public approach.

Crux Galerie represents Greek and international artists working with various media, under the condition that is inspired and guided from the character of the space, which has been designed by the acclaimed Stavros Papagiannis (Stage Design Office).

The gallery re-negotiates the notion of space and time, far from being a white cube, thus proposing various aspects of exhibition design according to the needs of the artists. It questions the meaning of contemporaneity in the cultural field.

Artistic truth, the enigma of style, the fallacy of stylization, representation, expression, the facileness of post-modernity, the ax of profit, the existing fabricated trends, the art market and the audience are just a few of the questions which concern an art space, in an effort to balance between creation and survival, the artistic and the market oriented.

How do you select a work of art, how do you choose a direction?

Instead of an analysis, I would employ Auden’s lines:

“An algebraic formula,
An abstract model of events
Derived from dead experience,
And each life must itself decide
To what and how it be applied”


Sekeri 4, Athens 106 74, Greece

Thursday 17:00-21:00
Friday 17:00-21:00
Saturday 13:00-17:00
or by appointment

+ 30 213045 8911

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